My projects:

Threefold Acadmy is dedicated to the study of the American Experiment and the threefold nature and present state of the United States' social organism.

A digital expansion of Brian Bex's half-century study of the American way of life, features content created by Brian Bex, a scroll-through photobiography, and information relating to the all-important ideas of Individual Liberty and Human Dignity-- in a new, digital form.

Mr. Fisherman's Tales: The Secret of the Fisherman is a children's picture book aimed to spark the imaginations of young readers.

Thought-provoking colored-pencil illustrations and easy-to-read rhyming words illustrate abstract concepts like freedom and happiness. Mr. Fisherman, an odd entrepreneur with a bushy tail, shares words of wisdom in this rhyming parable for all ages.

Ozbun is Web Content Coordinator at Liberty Fund, Inc.
...a lifelong student of The Philosophy of Freedom.